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John Zimmer is a real estate loan broker and lender, specializing in real estate loans, refinances, construction loans, second trust deeds, home equity lines of credit along with consultations and business valuations.

Mr. Zimmer is a State of California Real Estate Officer dba California Lending. 

Mr. Zimmer while just out of college, was a Financial Analyst for Hughes Aircraft Co. for over four years.  While at Hughes, his responsibilities included forecasting multi-million dollar contracts, managing cash flow, monitoring cash supplied/<required>, cash investment and working capital.  In addition, Mr. Zimmer was also responsible for submitting, monitoring and reporting of involved multi-million dollar overhead budgets.

From 1989 to present, Mr. Zimmer is a licensed real estate agent or broker with the State of California.  He was also associated with with Tarbell Realtors & C.S. Bird, Inc. on an independent subcontract basis, performing real estate transactions, appraisals and business valuations for buyers, sellers, attorneys of law, sale/purchase and financing on residential, residential income, commercial and industrial properties in the Los Angeles and Orange counties.

From 1999 to 2003, Mr. Zimmer associated himself with PTFC dba Five Star Capital on a broker to broker basis, performing real estate loans, construction loans and refinances for borrowers, homeowners and construction borrowers on residential, residential income, commercial and industrial properties all throughout the state of California.

Presently, Mr. Zimmer is the Officer/CEO of California Lending as a real estate loan broker, and business valuations appraiser performing loans, mortgages, construction loans, refinances, and business valuations for investors, lending institutions, relocation services, homeowners, borrowers, attorneys of law, accountants and corporations.

Mr. Zimmer received a Bachelor of Science Degree in the School of Business - with an emphasis in Finance - from San Diego State University.

He has completed over 1,500 classroom hours of appraisal, real estate and business valuation related courses. Related courses taken from various colleges: Appraisal I, Appraisal II, Appraisal Standards Appraisal Ethics, Real Estate Law, Real Property Management, Real Estate Principles, Real Estate Practice, Real Estate Investments & Taxation, Real Estate Investments w/ Lotus 1-2-3, Real Estate Practice w/ Lotus, Probability & Statistics, Statistical Analysis for Business, Money & Banking, International Business Finance, Planning of Capital Expenditures, Macro Economics, Micro Economics, Business Law, Investments, Principles of Accounting, Intermediate Accounting. Recipient of a Scholarship/Grant from the Torrance-Lomita-Carson Board of Realtors education committee in May of 1990. Appraisal Institute courses successfully passed: 110 Appraisal Principles, 120 Appraisal Procedures, 210 Residential Case Studies, 410 Appraisal Standards, 420 Appraisal Ethics, 510 Advanced Income Capitalization, 530 Advanced Sales Comparison & Cost Approaches.

In addition, each license renewal cycle 56 hours of Appraisal Related, 45 hours Real Estate Related continuing education and 8 annual hours for the MLO endorsement is required.  These continuing education hours have been satisfied for the last 20+- years The continuing education courses range greatly, an example of some coursework from other various Continuing providers would include, Real Estate Investment Analysis Provided by UCLA, local Community Colleges coursework, Appraisal Educators, Real Estate Educators and Various Seminars.


  (310) 375-1918   (866) 564-6946(JohnZim)
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